SEO: 5 online ‘Stalwart Erudition Obsessions’

If you have just searched erudition or leveraged your web browser’s on page dictionary add-on, then you need to Google it once more. Have a look to the usage of word over time, provided by Google’s search dictionary results. It shows that middle word has steadily decreased from 18th century to 2010. Similarly usage of ‘stalwart’ from 19th century to 2010 but ‘obsession’ has triumphed the race.

With this I want to reflect that though the use of last word of SEO has increased but; ‘to show or have great knowledge & learning’ via reliable & loyal source had exploded in digital age. What an irony! Thanks to affordable internet packages & smartphones.Digital360

“Stalwart Erudition” is now the obsession among online audience, glean from below:

  1. News aggregator applications are hugely prevalent among the opinion & information seekers.
  2. Links saving application like Pinterest are evolving as one of the most distinguished social media platforms.
  3. Apart from entertainment free knowledge sharing video channels like minutephysics, #AncientHistory, Test Tube News is emerging on YouTube.
  4. Even attempts to bring the horde of blogs on the format of social sites are been hosted.
  5. And finally the most addictive activity ‘continuous conversations and sharing’ on such online platforms.

These are only few of the core examples to establish the fact that Search Engine Optimization techniques are clearly changing due to the imposed need of quality content. Appreciation of such desire of quality content i.e. information and knowledge, top global search engine players are coming up with new algorithms to filter out low quality content websites and to out-throw those indulging into stratagem for top ranking on SERPs.

Online audience’s constant hunt for quality content from trustable sources i.e. “Stalwart Erudition” has arisen silently with gigantic loud.Digital360image

How, hopefully all; proclaimed Digital Marketing Company or Online Marketing Agency or even Branding Firms are going to develop their traditional SEO strategies? And move ahead from being just a Best SEO Company. Obviously many has made their way into Social Media Optimization but only by yielding persuasive content for target audience, one will lead the way.

Digital360 is one of the Digital Marketing and Branding Company, realizing the above scenario is constantly engaged in giving new dimensions to content marketing and online campaigning.

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  1. artimanu says:

    Nice article thanks for share.


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